Capitec Temporary Loans

You can get a temporary loan up to R4000 and which you can use for any emergency spending. The money will be available to you immediately any only have to pay for the amount you use. Although the loan has to be repaid in full every month you will need to reapply every time as your limit will be reviewed once every 12 months in a branch.

Apply for a Capitec Bank Temporary Loan

Capitec also has other loan options if you are interested in a personal loan, and you can apply for this inside a branch. You can access your Capitec Bank temporary short-term loan via online banking, their cellphone app, or by dialling their short code *120*3279#.

If you need more credit, you can choose a personal loan of up to R250 000 cash over 84 months based on your affordability and credit profile.

  • You have to be older than 18 years
  • You have to be permanently employed
  • You have to earn a salary that is paid into your bank account
  • You may not be under debt review, sequestration, or be blacklist