Your Credit Report at Checkers or Shoprite

Excellent Credit Score

Getting your Kudough Credit Report has never been easier. Go to a Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper Money Market Counter with your bar coded Identity book, proof residence and R69.00  to get your 3 Bureau Kudough Credit Report.

With an agreement with Kudough Credit Solutions, which supply credit reports at the Money Market counters in Shoprite and Checkers stores. This service, which will enable people to check their credit status, will be officially announced later this month.

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Shoprite Checkers has already been registered with the Financial Services Board as a supplier of financial services. Its Money Market has since 1998 provided various financial services and in 2006 it started a money-transfer service in association with Capitec Bank.

It also offers various insurance products and home loans; and funeral policies and municipal accounts can be paid at Money Market counters.

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